How to Choose a Bathroom Door Handle

The bathroom door is an integral component of its overall aesthetic. A glazed door allows in more natural light, creating an atmosphere that feels brighter and larger in your space.

Wooden doors are an age-old classic, but you must ensure they are treated for high humidity levels or they will warp over time. Eco veneer and melamine films offer cost efficiency as well as moisture resistance.


Wood is an attractive material for bathroom doors due to its ability to withstand moisture. Not only is it classic in appearance, but its sturdy construction also makes it suitable for homes with rustic styling.

Homeowners can select solid-core, hollow-core or veneered-engineered wood doors for their homes. Solid core doors tend to be the most durable and least likely to warp due to moisture exposure; however, they may be more expensive.

Homeowners looking for budget-friendly options should consider aluminium doors. These moisture-resistant doors make an excellent choice for bathrooms, and can also be easier to maintain than other materials. But while aluminium is energy-efficient compared to other materials, glass is another popular alternative that adds modern style while still providing privacy – Frosted glass being most common but etched glass can also be utilized.


Your bathroom door style can make or break the overall aesthetic of your home. Choose a model that complements your decor while offering protection from moisture, mold, and mildew build-up.

Solid PVC doors that look like marble but are much more budget-friendly may be one option to consider, as these sturdy yet cost-effective doors will complement most bathroom designs seamlessly.

Another option for your bathroom could be installing a framed glass bathroom door that will bring natural light and add a sleek, modern aesthetic. These types of doors work well with multiple decor styles and will bring some personality into your space.

If you want a playful touch in your bathroom, consider painting the interior panel of its door with chalkboard paint for an exciting way to personalize and allow family members to leave messages for each other. Sliding doors also maximize floor space in small apartments.


An integral component of any bathroom, doors must be sturdy enough to withstand daily use and must meet certain specifications. Selecting an ideal door depends on a number of factors such as color, style, material and humidity warping resistance – solid core doors provide superior moisture shielding capabilities while stile and rail doors and pocket doors may also work.

Installing a bathroom door is simple; many models come pre-hung onto frames for effortless setup. If this is not the case for yours, measure its opening and order an appropriate frame accordingly to ensure a perfect fit.

If your door is mounted without studs or framing, heavy anchors should be used to hold its frame securely in place. They can be found at most hardware stores.


Locking mechanisms used in bathroom doors should be one of the primary factors to keep in mind when purchasing door handles, with easy opening from within in case of emergency being an essential consideration. Some types of locks require keys while others employ simple latch bolts with thumb turn and release mechanism that can be opened from within easily.

These locks can often be found in public bathrooms as they provide quick and easy access for their occupants. When purchasing a door handle with this type of lock, be sure to label it accordingly.

This type of lock typically features a rectangular depression in the shape of a screw and can be rotated from vertical to horizontal position by twisting its rectangular slot with tools such as straightened paperclip, bobby pin or flat head screwdrivers. If this fails, use of hammers should only be considered as an extreme last resort option.

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