Transforming Basements Into Functional Living Spaces

One possibility for this is turning basements into living spaces that have been tailored to family needs. Doing so would increase living space for guests or perhaps a parent who may need long-term care.

The most common additions to homes are a home theatres, guest suites, a place to work or a home gym. Open concept layouts are in trend which aspects that every room flow into one another.

Create a Family Room

Many basements can be ignored, but their potential for renovation into fashionable multi-use family rooms is often underestimated. It reflects the trend of homeowners trying to optimise all parts of their homes to fit modern living.

Thematic designs and smart dividers help carve out seating, working and play zones without a ton of construction. Bookshelves make for beautiful yet utilitarian dividers in basement bedrooms – separating sleep zones from office spaces.

You are sure that transforming your basement into a guestroom is the best solution either to welcome a friend or to make some extra income with rentals. Hence, we invite you to take advantage of this room by turning it into an enchanting space by offering a good choice of amenities.
La transformation de votre sous-sol en chambre d’hôtes vous parait être le meilleur moyen de profiter de cet espace ou bien d’y accueillir un invité ami, ou encore de générer un peu de revenu supplémentaire via un location court terme. Vous êtes donc invité à en profiter en le transformant en une belle chambre à séjour de choice par la mise en place d’équipements performants en terme de chauffage et de refroidissement.

Create a Home Theater

Home theater systems are all your family and friends ever need for a relaxing session of entertainment in your newly built basement home theater room – the best cinematic viewing and audio listening experiences!

If you plan to have a flexible space that your basement home theatre can share with other activities, take care that it is adequately insulated and soundproofed so that extraneous noises throughout the rest of the house won’t spoil your movie. And, indeed, noises from your home theatre shouldn’t spoil things in other rooms around your house!

Choose the appropriate screensize and seating arrangements for your Home Theatre, depending upon the available space and intended objectives of your Home Theatre. If you’re able, install a short throw projector in your basement so that your audience won’t have to sit too near to the screen; and of course, don’t forget a popcorn machine and a candy/snack bar!

Create a Workspace

Setting up a home office is now more popular than ever, and the basement is one of the best places in a house to create an ideal home office. Once set up, you won’t go back to working in a cluttered home , and ,while you’re there, you will have somewhere quieter to where you can work, without being disturbed, form certain areas of the home.

Built-in storage in custom desks keeps files and stationery corralled and out of the way, and more space remains for work. A bookshelf built into a chair can also store books and other reference materials, as well as personal trinkets, so that accessing them will be easier than ever before.

As storage area, basements keep unused items such as sports equipment and seasonal decorations away from the rest of the year, while saving space and reducing clutter on other floors and reducing stress. Personal touches like family photographs or art collected on travels can aid awareness of what you are doing, and will keep you on task – family pictures in picture frames may function as stimuli for staying on task.

Create a Gym

The basement is an ideal location for an exercise room. They are warmer temperatures than upstairs rooms, which makes them the perfect place to lift weights.

Make sure that your strength-exercise programme includes a variety of multi-use fitness equipment, such as benches, dumbbells, resistance bands and stability balls. Or your cardio exercise can involve cardio machines of your choice, such as treadmills, stationary bikes or new-found favourites: ellipticals.

As many basements lack natural light, mirrors will not only make your place appear bigger, but also make it look a bit brighter as well. Additionally, motivational slogans or photos on thw wall will help to keep you motivated during your workout and keep you in the sportive mood. So, some sports equipment hanging on the wall will not be obtrusive. For instance, if money is an issue, used sport gear could save you a nice amount of money and high-end fitness equipment.

Create a Creative Studio or Craft Room

By investing in an art studio setup or craft room layout, you can enhance the usefulness and attractiveness of your basement. These rooms fit comfortably into family lifestyles and incorporate several outstanding uses.

With natural light, basements are a wonderful location for an art studio or craft room that requires ambient lighting. Plush carpets and area rugs provide comfort, function and are appealing to the feet.

If your home has a unified theme, like an Italianate style or Craftsman architecture, take that thread down into the basement by using similar elements of design and materials. Cohesion between levels, consider furniture with uniform lines and colour schemes.

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