Living Room Door Design

When selecting room door designs, you have several styles to choose from. From French doors that let in plenty of light to barn doors that save space, there’s something for everyone when it comes to room door design!

For a modern, clean aesthetic, opt for wide sliding glass doors in either transparent or tinted options set within sleek frames. Frosted glass framed in pastel-colored frames can add extra charm as well.


Doors have the power to transform a living room’s appearance and functionality. For instance, sliding doors visually enlarge space while letting in more light.

Mirror doors are ideal for living rooms with limited space, and you can also incorporate several smaller ones for a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Are you searching for a way to add some visual interest to your space? Consider installing folding or sliding doors that feature some flair and can be made out of various materials. For instance, this geometrically patterned Fimera door would make a statement in any bedroom or bathroom.

Another interesting option is a wood-framed pocket door, which can be installed in either an open concept area that doesn’t need much clearance to open. It’s also an ideal way to show off unique furniture pieces like this modern carved wood door from Fila.


Rustic decor is one of the hottest trends in home decoration right now. It combines elements from both modern and country styles, while emphasizing the natural beauty of imperfections.

Barn doors are an excellent way to add a rustic aesthetic to your living room. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your space.

For even greater design freedom, add a second panel to your door for even more design options. You could even have the two panels mirror each other for an overall unified appearance.

These doors look particularly stunning when used as an entryway to a formal dining area, but they’re also great in living rooms. You can use them to showcase your favorite items and create an eye-catching focal point for the room.


Compact living room door designs can be an efficient way to maximize your floor space. Selecting a door with thoughtful features can make even small areas appear larger and more luxurious.

For instance, doors with a glass insert can bring light into your room and enhance moods, reduce stress levels and boost energy levels.

Glass doors also enable better night vision, helping reduce eye strain and fatigue. Thus, this makes them one of the top small space design ideas worth considering.

Another space-saving feature of a living room door is its ability to fold up and over. This feature can be especially beneficial in areas with sloped roofs, cranes or windows above the door opening.


Eclectic design is a style that gives you the freedom to create a space that expresses your individual taste. It combines various styles, colors, and patterns into an inviting aesthetic that’s both comfortable and eye-catching.

Successful eclectic design relies on finding balance among all its elements. To do this successfully, it takes intention and a clear vision.

Another essential element for creating an inviting living room is using various lighting sources. Natural light can add warmth and color, while overhead illumination is perfect for showcasing any art or other decor items.

Combining patterns is another essential element of eclectic design. A leather couch set against Victorian-patterned pillows set against an animal-print rug may appear eccentric, but when done correctly it will bring the vibe to life.

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