How to Make a Big Design Impact With Kitchen Decor

Kitchen decor adds both warmth and personality to the space, from hosting dinner guests to baking brownies – and these designer ideas can help make a significant visual statement without undertaking extensive renovation projects.

An unexpected and graphic touch, continuous patterns such as this modern black-and-white zigzag pattern running across cabinets and countertops is both surprising and eye-catching.

Organize Your Pantry

Beautiful pantries can be appreciated, but its efficiency should also be prioritized. Begin by clearing out the space, discarding any expired food products or items that have reached their expiration dates, and categorizing what remains “keepable”.

Utilize clear containers and stackable food racks to maximize space usage. Install drawer separators in pantry drawers to prevent bottles and jars from stacking into Jenga towers, and if your pantry is open to the rest of the kitchen add hooks onto a door for oven mitts and aprons.

Think about creating zones on your shelves based on frequency of use (e.g. breakfasts, dinners and snacks) or size (for instance canned goods by size and pastas by shape). Use baskets to keep larger supplies (like bags of potatoes and juice gallons ) off the floor. Being organized will make finding what you need much simpler!

Keep Your Fridge Organized

Maintaining order in your refrigerator can add an element of kitchen decor, with stylish storage containers designed to match their contents. Pretty glass containers, in particular, make it easy to find and access what you need while simultaneously cutting down food waste.

Kitchen textiles featuring bold patterns or neutral hues add design flair, which is ideal for renters or anyone wanting a quick way to update the look of their home with minimal effort or expense. Stick-on backsplash decals like these neutral patterned ones from Tempaper can easily replicate expensive tile styles while easily being swapped out whenever it comes time for an upgrade of the space.

Add a Pop of Color or Pattern to Your Textiles

Kitchen textiles like rugs, window treatments and towels can add an eye-catching splash of color or pattern that refreshes a space. Add a bold print rug to liven up an all-white room, or select fabric with patterns for backsplashes that will withstand spills and splashes. Even smaller decor items, like bowls or sets of mugs can help give rooms an updated and inviting atmosphere.

If your budget doesn’t allow for cabinet renovation, adding kitchen wallpaper is an inexpensive and quick way to give any room an instant transformation. Peel-and-stick wallpaper like the floral design seen here in Manhattan apartments makes the switch easy for renters or anyone who wishes to quickly alter the appearance of a kitchen.

Displaying collections in a nook or on open shelving adds color and visual interest to the kitchen. In Savannah, Georgia home, walnut custom pegboard holds East Fork Pottery mugs as well as decorative objects.

Consider the Look of Your Electronics

Appliances in the kitchen can have an enormous design impact. When shopping for toasters, blenders, and coffeemakers, look for styles with either neutral colors or patterns as well as finishes such as metallics or wood tones that complement other decorations in the room.

If you want to give your decor theme some flare, Franklin suggests adding a dramatic backsplash or using wallpaper in the kitchen. Both options add visual interest while taking it beyond traditional paint jobs; Franklin recommends peel-and-stick backsplashes which can easily be removed while leaving behind no damage on walls.

Don’t overlook all of the areas in your kitchen that could use some decoration as well, such as walnut custom pegboard, which could provide a home for an East Fork Pottery mug collection, while adding a small framed print can instantly fill an empty wall space.

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