How to Furnish Your Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom should be about discovering who you are as an individual and revealing your true style. From traditional bedroom pieces with luxurious detailing, to sleek contemporary pieces with clean lines – the choices should reflect who you are while complementing the overall aesthetic of your home.

Bedroom furniture may be constructed from solid wood and veneers or engineered materials like MDF and particle board that have been stained to match your room’s design.


The bed is the centerpiece of bedroom furniture and can make or break its design. Being one of the larger pieces in a room, you must ensure you find one which suits both your space and preferences.

There are various kinds of beds designed to meet various needs. Canopy beds are perfect for adding unique style while offering privacy; while divan beds come equipped with drawers that provide storage space.

CORT Furniture Outlet provides an assortment of bed styles that can meet the needs of any design style, featuring wood finishes and fabric upholstery options to complement the bed frame you select.


Nightstands (commonly referred to as bedside tables) add both style and function to any bedroom. From simple designs with plenty of storage space for books, drinks, and personal belongings to elaborate creations that serve as focal points – nightstands add both beauty and functionality!

Avoid bedstands directly against the head of your bed and opt for models with rounded corners to reduce accidental collisions with shins when getting in and out. Also consider hanging wall sconces for added lighting as well as displaying photos on floating shelves instead of tabletops for freeing up more space on bedside tables.

Add extra functionality to your nightstand with a drawer organizer set that provides space for chapstick, headphones and other essential accessories.


Following the bed, a dresser is one of the essential bedroom pieces. Long and low with rows of drawers for clothing storage purposes as well as adding an aesthetic element that sets the tone of any room.

Like beds, dressers come in many different sizes and styles. Some resemble classic dressing tables while others can be more modern in design. But no matter their form, all dressers serve an important purpose – corralling small decor items to keep a room feeling elegant and peaceful.

Wardrobe or Closet

Wardrobes provide extra storage space in any bedroom. They feature plenty of hanging space, shelves and drawers – not to mention an ideal solution for hiding away dirty clothing – plus can either freestand or be built into walls; some even come complete with doors!

Closets resemble wardrobes in that they provide storage solutions; however, unlike their counterparts they typically lack hanging spaces and shelving/drawer units. When selecting one for your space, be mindful that closets may be better suited to holding smaller household items such as utensils or decorative objects than wardrobes may.


An armoire provides more flexible and stylish bedroom storage. Once used for weapon and armor storage, these tall pieces of furniture now serve the dual purpose of housing clothing, linens and more.

Wardrobes typically consist of two doors that open like closets and contain shelves, rods for hanging clothes and drawers – often more decorative than standard wardrobes.

Your ottoman can be used to store extra pillows and blankets, out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations or seasonal decor. Or if it is large enough, place it in your entryway as an effective place for bags, purses and junk mail to collect. Adding hanging space and more shelves could even transform it into an ivy closet!


An end of bed bench adds an intimate, decorative element that enhances any room’s design theme. Choose one that complements the overall aesthetic of your bedroom decor, whether that means opting for something as basic as wooden benches or as extravagant as fully upholstered glamorous models.

Some benches offer additional storage to tuck away blankets and pillows, while other designs don’t include built-in shelves at all. Consider how you plan on using your bench on an everyday basis before choosing an ideal size; shallower benches save floor space while making getting in and out of bed easier.

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