Buying a Furniture Bed

Beds are at the core of every bedroom, and are considered one of the most essential pieces in any home. At Jordan’s Furniture we carry an array of beds that cater to every decor style with classic wooden styles to contemporary upholstered headboards – ideal for every taste!

For those with more decorative tastes, there are also options such as four-posters that feature distinct posts at every corner of the frame; as well as beds with storage capacity that help clear away clutter in their rooms by housing extra clothing or blankets.


Size-wise, beds vary greatly depending on their manufacturer and seller; a typical king-size mattress spans 72 to 78 inches (1.83 to 1.98 meters). Other bed options such as single, double and queen are also available; when selecting one it’s important to take into account your room space available as well as whether other pieces of furniture like nightstands and dressing tables will also need to be accommodated in that same area.

Add decorative warmth with quilts as decorative layers of warmth for bed! These traditional, medium-weight bed covers feature batting filling and distinct stitching; perfect for using in place or alongside duvets. Quilt styles available include lightweight cotton, cloud linen, boxed linen and ribbed cotton options.


Solid wood bed frames stand the test of time and offer more versatility than their upholstered counterparts. Their adaptable nature means that staining can easily match any color scheme or decor, and are less susceptible to motion transfer, providing an all-natural warmth while being timeless pieces even when decorated with intricate carvings or paint details. A solid wood frame provides timeless charm in your bedroom!

Cherry wood is an increasingly popular hardwood material due to its vivid hues and robust nature, as well as its ability to be carved into unique shapes by craftspeople. Reclaimed barnwood adds rustic charm while being more eco-friendly and sustainable than mass-produced frames which use toxic glues and formaldehyde that leaches into the air over time. If you prefer an elegant aesthetic veneer beds are an affordable alternative that mimic real materials like mahogany very closely.


As for style, beds come in all sorts of varieties. From four-posters with posts at each corner that support a tester bed to more minimalist panel beds – such as those featuring wooden panel slats with often an upholstered headboard – and canopy beds (with curtains that open and close for various levels of light and privacy) and more minimalist options, you have an abundance of choices when it comes to picking your ideal mattress.

Other styles include daybeds with pop-up trundles for nighttime sleeping; futons (Japanese style sofa that folds halfway to form a mattress); and hideaway beds which fold away into storage pieces like hutches or credenzas.

Your furniture bed comes in various materials, from leather tufted upholstery to soft fabric upholstery – choose one that matches or enhances your bedroom decor and personal style!


There are a number of ways furniture beds can provide additional storage solutions. Look for beds with built-in drawers at either end, which allow you to keep clothing, shoes or out-of-season bedding off of the floor and out of sight. Drawers with concealed castors run smoothly while cut-out handles look more streamlined than drawer pulls; additionally woven baskets with covers or lids can store bulkier items or blankets securely.

Trying to keep bedroom clutter at bay? Consider investing in a storage piece that doubles as a nightstand – an option ideal for smaller bedrooms that allows you to reduce nightstand square footage while giving the room a sleek and organized appearance.

Pottery Barn offers beds like the Lansing Platform Storage Bed with two generous built-in drawers that don’t require a box spring, while Walmart sells nightstands such as Better Homes & Gardens Granary Modern Farmhouse End Table for $60 that feature tabletop surface, open storage and drawer space.

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