Advanced Plumbing Technology Diploma

The Advanced Plumbing Technology diploma is a career-oriented, technical training program that teaches students practical and theoretical skills to become a professional in the plumbing industry. The course offers a direct route into trades training at NAIT and can also serve as a foundation for an apprenticeship. The curriculum emphasizes theory and practical training in plumbing, as well as new technologies and techniques, such as water recycling and solar heating systems. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to explore water conservation and environmental issues as they become familiar with these issues.

A clogged sewer line can cause a house to flood in just a matter of minutes, which is why it is imperative to call for professional help as soon as possible. Such plumbing issues are more likely to occur during winter, when water expands and freezes. If you experience a burst pipe, call an advanced plumbing service to have it fixed as quickly as possible. Similarly, backed-up sewage lines can be stressful, as you may be unable to use your toilet or face the unpleasant experience of dirty water regurgitating.

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