5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

If your family doesn’t take many baths, consider opting for a walk-in shower instead of the bathtub – this can save on plumbing costs and make the room seem larger!

Light colors usually give rooms the impression of being larger, but don’t be intimidated to try something darker! This stunning bathroom design uses dark flooring and lush details to add warmth and personality.

1. Use Mirrors to Make the Room Feel Bigger

Mirrors can make any small bathroom seem more expansive by reflecting light into the room and filling wall space with their reflection of light. Choose a frame with style but doesn’t take up too much room – round mirrors offer more negative space than square or rectangular ones do!

Rather than opt for an all-encompassing vanity mirror, try opting for a mirrored wall panel as an alternative. Not only can it double as medicine storage space and create the feeling of spaceiness in any given space, but adding a ledge on the wall may help keep countertops clear from towels and soap dispensers, further contributing to an impression of spaciousness.

2. Install a Floating Vanity

Floating vanities not only expand a room’s sense of space but add an interesting design element as well. Their installation is an accessible DIY task that many DIYers can manage themselves; however, to ensure proper fitting it’s essential that measurements and markings of installation areas are completed accurately to ensure no gaps occur between vanity pieces.

Your best option for installing vanity brackets in walls is using a stud finder and drilling pilot holes at each of their respective stud locations, then attaching vanity brackets.

Other than a floating vanity, other small bathroom ideas that will help your space seem larger include adding wainscoting or selecting a dark framed mirror that creates the impression of more depth.

3. Paint the Walls a Light Color

Light hues reflect more daylight and can help make a room seem larger, as well as making any patterns on floors or wallpaper appear less busy.

Period details such as panelled walls can quickly add character and charm to a small bathroom. For a classic portrait effect, plain panels may work best or try something more elaborate like ornate ribbed designs.

Implementing decorative touches into any space quickly makes an impressionful statement about its owner and can instantly transform a bathroom, as this bathroom’s pineapple-themed wallpaper and gold accents demonstrate. Even subtle details like the wainscotting echoing the curve of the bathtub add visual width.

A powder room can be the ideal space to experiment with bold color or patterns. Floral wallpaper adds character and personality to any room!

4. Install a Shower Head

Installing a new shower head is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your small bathroom appear larger at an economical cost. Furthermore, this DIY project takes only hours and works best with light-colored heads that complement your space’s colors. For maximum effect, select an eye-catching light-colored model.

Avoiding tubs in small powder rooms is one of the best ways to free up floor space, particularly if your family doesn’t take many baths. Audreycrispinteriors’ innovative design could transform the atmosphere in this space-saving idea.

Add shelves as another space-saving storage idea in small bathrooms, as they make for a great way to show off decorative accents and organize towels and other knickknacks in an organized fashion. Use ladder shelves like this one from The Mama Notes as they’re an efficient way to store your supplies!

5. Add a Shower Curtain

Though it’s generally advised that small spaces use light colors, that doesn’t preclude bathrooms from rocking a darker hue. Dark paint shades add warmth and coziness, keeping a room from feeling too confining or cramped.

Addition of textured shower curtains is another effective way to open up a room, drawing the eye down its length to make the room seem larger and longer. Plus, adding color or pattern with stripes works especially well if your tile has neutral colors – or vice versa!

If your bathroom has the space and potential for a skylight, take full advantage! Natural lighting adds airiness and space to a small bathroom – not to mention increasing design options!

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